Saturday, June 11, 2011

Random Photos and thoughts from Kanab

Some areas have painted ponies, some have painted alligators, this area has painted Buffalos - since Kanab is proud of it's film heritage - this one is a "Film Buff"... hohoho...

We had the most fun just driving around or walking around the little town where we were camping - never knowing what we would see next... on one of our drives we spotted these cars just 'imbedded' in the hillside... like they drove off the road and kept going till they hit the hill.. too funny!!

Here's a close-up of one of the cars 'imbedded' in the hill in Kanab.

We dropped in to Rewind a cute 50's style restaurant for burgers and sweet potato fries.

Flo found a new friend in the "Maitre D"

The interior of Rewind has a feel of a real old diner of the 50's.

Moqui Cave was originally created by Garth and Laura Chamberlain - decendants of Bowman Chamberlain (see Heritage House below).

His son Lex and his wife Lee Anne now operate the Cave with tours and stories of the many interesting happenings of this area years ago.

The exterior of Moqui Cave resembles a cliff dwelling facade. The cave is a historical tour depicting life in southern Utah spanning centuries. The interior is truly a cave - in fact 3 caves, with exhibits of more than 1000 arrowheads, ceremonial points and many other artifacts of the Anasazi-Navajo people from centuries ago.

Lex Barker is better known as "Tarzan" but also starred in many other movies - one was 'Girl in the Black Stockings' of which parts were filmed in the Moqui Cave and in this area.

Gath Chamberlain was a collector of many things - among them anything to do with dinosaurs... this is the large collection of dinosaur tracks that once inhabited the area and there is also the largest collection of fluorescent minerals displays in the country.

Originally the back of the Moqui Cave was a dance hall club and a bar -where people could come to imbibe the 'devil's brew' from prohibitionists. This Brazilian Agate was built into the back of the bar. The original owner decided to close the bar and club because of his Mormon beliefs....and now it remains only a museum.

The Bowman Chamberlain Heritage House is another place we visited - a Mormon, and one of the original Pioneers of this area the town collected many of the furniture and clothing and artifacts of the era from the "Daughters of the Pioneers" Mormon wives who donated many of their family items for this museum.

This house and the books within gave us a little insight to the life of Mormon families who settled here with their many wives and many children.

Eventually with a total of 6 wives and 54 children - this kitchen and certainly this house became too small very quickly.... only his first wife and 8 of his first children lived in this homestead.

With 8 Children and only 2 bedrooms in this house- the girls all slept in one room and the boys slept in a room over the barn.

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